Beth Guy

Bio: Bonjour! My name is Beth and I am a missionary from the United States currently serving in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, we will be in Guadeloupe for a few weeks and are looking for an evangelical church that has an English service. Are there any? Thanks!


    • Hi Anthony,
      Welcome to Gwada! Hope you enjoy it! Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any church here that has an English service. There are plenty of evangelical churches, though, all over the archipelago. However, they only offer services in French. Good luck! Enjoy the islands!


  2. Hi there!!!
    My name is Andrea Dignon – I am a French teacher in Atlanta and I’m planning a mission/faith-based trip in March of next year with some students to Guadeloupe! Is there ANY possible way I could leave you my email address and ask for your advice? I’ve contacted a tour company, but we really want to work with a church in the area. Can you help? I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog!
    We are at North Cobb Christian School (www.ncchristian.org).
    Thanks so much!


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